References Default Values and post processor defintion

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References Default Values and post processor defintion

Postby Fiete on Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:50 am

Hi There,

I´ve tried to use different post processors depending on properties.
For this I've defined two different processors in the pulse webinterface (eg. another.pp and default.pp).
in the pulse file I've tried to use the default values and depending on the reference "another.ppname" (properties) it should use pp1 or pp2:
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<process processor="$(another.ppname?default.pp)" />

But that doesn't work and I get this error:
Processing element 'process': starting at line 30 column 14: Referenced value '$(another.ppname?default.pp)' has unexpected type (expected 'com.zutubi.pulse.core.postprocessors.api.PostProcessorConfiguration', got 'java.lang.String')

looks like the processor names will be resolved before the filters or default values will be applied?
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Re: References Default Values and post processor defintion

Postby jason.sankey on Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:18 am


Your attempt was reasonable, but unfortunately this doesn't work at the moment. References to post-processors look like other property references, but don't support any of the additional syntax like defaults, filters etc. You can only make a simple reference to a single processor name. I've raised an issue so we might investigate this in future:

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